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The innovation of a start-up. The marketing network of an international powerhouse.


Bold. Creative. Digitally savvy. We’re never afraid to think differently or try something new. Working hand-in-hand with our tech team, we’re always up for using innovative new techniques to help us deliver industry firsts.

Working in our Marketing team, you get the best of both worlds. Not only are you part of one of the most dynamic software development centers in Romania, but you’re also part of a global company. We have four hugely successful brands operating across Europe, Australia and the US, which means lots of opportunities to take your career further.


At Paddy Power Betfair, we’re constantly looking for new ways we can innovate, and our Marketing has always been at the cutting-edge. Our Digital Marketing team plays a key role in letting us lead from the front. With an international team, we work across borders to make data-driven changes and automate our output.

As a major player, we have close relationships with key firms such as Google and Facebook, They come to us to trial their latest products because of our scale and significant in-house capability. It’s a partnership that helps ensure nobody ever beats us to the punch. Whether you’re interested in the tech or the advertising, or both, you won’t find anywhere more relevant.

We’re always asking one question: how can we make one of the most successful online betting businesses, better? To answer this, we continuously analyze web traffic, promotional spend, betting patterns, online marketing and customer feedback.

We find the secrets behind the numbers, which then allows us to plan our marketing spend, assess our performance and, most importantly, beat the competition.

We’re a small but highly focused team that works all across Paddy Power Betfair’s marketing. We never touch the same problem twice. We’re tasked with solving the challenges that the marketing teams face, and fast. Putting live odds on PPC and social. Building automated CRM via display. For us, no problem is too complex or too difficult.

We’re developers with an understanding of digital marketing, relevant third parties and promotions. We’re extremely flexible, and committed to getting the job done right. Working with us, you’ll often see your results instantly and you’ll be at the front of the curve, working with the most exciting new advances in marketing tech.

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We’re based in Dublin, Hammersmith (London), Milan and Cluj 

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