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Covid-19 Response



We’re facing a challenging and difficult period in our lives at the moment, COVID-19 is changing the way we live. Each person, company, and the government is trying to deal with this in the best way possible, and we will continue to do the same. To be responsible we must: stay at home, help the community in every way we can, keep working and be active.

Betfair Romania Development is no exception. We’re all working remotely and doing our part to contain this pandemic and protect our community. We’re helping our employees to deal with the outbreak the best way we can, and making sure their wellbeing is our top priority.

We would also like to mention the professionals (medical and others) who are working every day on the front line. You help us feel safe so that we can continue on with our regular daily routine as much as possible during this period.

Thank you!

#StayHome #StaySafe


Working from home can be challenging, but there are many ways to reduce the impact this is having, which can also be very rewarding!

See below some tips we can follow to help us be more productive during the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, find out more info in the following documents:

Flutter Entertainment’s Guide to Work From Home   

LinkedIn Guide to working remotely 

  • It’s easier to get distracted;
  • It’s difficult to adhere to a schedule;
  • It can be lonely if you don’t keep in touch with your colleagues, friends, and family;
  • It can be harder to prioritize your work.
  • Wake up at least 30 minutes before your workday starts and take off your pajamas. It will get you in the right headspace for work;
  • Find what type of space you’re most productive in, which you’d associate with your job. Get off your couch/bed;
  • Pay attention to ergonomics – Be aware of your posture, and set alarms periodically; Get up; Put your feet up; Add a rolled towel for lumbar support; Elevate your laptop; Make sure you have computer accessories that are ergonomically tailored for you, with appropriate distance from your monitors and suitable lighting. Could you also make a standing desk?;
  • Keep a structured daily schedule and make sure you have well-defined goals;
  • Take frequent breaks; making sure you’re catching some daylight, and taking a break from anything work-related;
  • Socialize with your co-workers to keep the loneliness at bay.
  • VPN;
  • Email;
  • Zoom;
  • Skype;
  • Slack;
  • Workplace;
  • Social Media.


Are you working from home? Schools are closed? You’re worried about your productivity? Take a moment to breathe, It’s very normal to feel overwhelmed! Children can struggle with expressing their fear and concerns verbally, which can often lead to behavioral changes. There are signs of stress and anxiety which you can look out for, including sleeping problems, headaches, and stomach aches.

Have an informative conversation about the coronavirus, and encourage your children to share everything they’ve heard so you can determine which facts you need to tell them first.

Remember that, above all, this is an opportunity to create better relationships with your children. Create a structured family routine and enjoy the time together!

The World Health Organization (WHO) gives some tips on how to cope with stress during the outbreak. Find them out here.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused some societal change, but this isn’t a reason to give up on our personal development! Take the chance to learn a new skill; maybe there was a new programming language you kept postponing? A skill you’ve been meaning to develop further? Or you simply want to expand your knowledge on a topic that interests you?

Udemy is a great choice if you’re looking for a catalog of courses at a reasonable price. During this quarantine period, Udemy has provided more than 400 extra courses, and many teachers have also released their content, for free!

Check them out here.

Keep moving! Our gyms might be closed, but sports professionals joined their followers and started training through live feeds.
Even if you’re not much of a fitness fan, you may balk at the prospect of staying indoors for a few weeks while barely raising your step count. Exercise is vital for our mental and physical health and is arguably more important than ever during periods of self-isolation.

Here are some useful options to keep you active and focused:

Crossfit | Yoga

Instead of using the term “social distancing”, why not “physical distancing”. We want to emphasize the importance of social interaction to people’s mental health and well-being.

Reinforce the relationships with your family, talk with your friends, maybe even arrange that coffee meet up you’ve postponed time and time again! You might not be able to bring light in from the outside, but at least you can light up their notifications. For example:

Create new routines and have online coffees and dinners
Use different apps to stay connected: Social Media, HouseParty, online games…



Betfair Romania Development engages in CSR throughout the year, but there are times when we can go further. This is a time for empathy, and together we can overcome this. How? Small gestures make a big difference!

Important links to platforms where you can volunteer:

Un Singur Cluj

Civic Support

  1. Before going to a supermarket or a restaurant to get food, call and ask some of your neighbors if they need you to bring them anything;
  2. Volunteer to walk the dogs;
  3. Ask your neighbors would they like you to check for their post;
  4. Does anyone need help around the house? Mowing the grass or watering the plants can be a good help;
  5. Volunteer to take out the trash;
  6. If you have a special talent, why not cheer up your neighbors from your balcony? Take out your guitar, hold an exercise class or read a little poetry. All these can be great options to brighten up someone’s day;
  7. If you have children at home and need to entertain them, why not suggest they draw a couple of pictures to brighten up your neighborhood;
  8. Create an online group for your entire neighborhood, so you can communicate more effectively. Ask your older neighbors how they prefer to be contacted;
  9. Pick up the phone, and call some of your most vulnerable neighbors. Even just a brief ‘hello’, could make all the difference to someone;
  10. Even if your neighbors initially say they don’t need anything, be persistent. The truth is, some people have a hard time accepting help.


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