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24 Hours to turn ideas into reality

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Our FedEx Days are legendary. An intense 24 hours in which you’ll turn a brilliant idea into a working prototype. Full of thrills, spills and surprising breakthroughs – plus the odd nap – our teams always manage to amaze us with the solutions they build.


This year, we had the most spectacular FedEx Day yet!

  • 18 registered teams – 113 participants
  • 24 h of building for fun and 4 h of great demos

We had 6 winning teams per each of the 6 categories:

Innovation: 777 Team – Project: Yesterday is history, today has past, future is now(Anca Barburas, Sebastian Achim, Razvan Iacob, Sergiu Barsan, Vlad Nemes, Dan Laszlo, Cosmin Titei, Alex Chitic, Alexandru Dragosin, Mircea Baba)
Your partner doesn’t let you go to the Casino to play some Roulette?
You’re behind the bars and you badly miss a game of Poker with your friends?
Your city doesn’t have a Casino?
Then join us in an immersive experience, that brings you closer than ever to your favorite Games.

Best product idea:  Achievements Team – Achievements System Project
(Paul Fechete, Marius Muncus, Radu Pop, Andrei Bacer, Andrada Demian, Alex Popa, Bogdan Iuga)
An achievement system that rewards customers for reaching certain targets.

Highest stake/complexity delivered: Fantastic Four Team – Always Fresh and Delicious Project
(Andrei Michnea, Alex Cioflica, Tiberiu Krisboi, Marius Ciotlos)
Today, about 30% of the food produced in the world, around 1 billion tonnes, is wasted.
I am Alfred, your intelligent fridge assistant and I am using commercial-grade cognitive deep learning algorithms to detect food … and a natural voice interface to help my masters take cooking decision more-efficiently, recommending recipes based on products inside the fridge that are about to expire.

Automation and efficiencies: Ops, Cops and Mobs Team- Sherlock Profiling Project(Alex Ursa, Ruxandra Tereanu, Iulia Ilea, Dora Socolan, Alexandru Olteanu, Paul Trestian, Alexandra Precup, Iulia Zemba, Andrei Bacu, Adrian Manzat)
Real time customer profiling and content segmentation based on user activity using a machine learning approach.

Judging panel’s special prize:  Echobet Team – Echobet Project(Maria Petridean, Sergiu Prodan, Florin Maguran, Constantin Partac)
# smart way of interacting with Betfair API through Amazon’s Alexa service and Echo Dot
#develop key phrases and interaction flow to be able to complete a journey in finding out in-play matches, quotes for you favorite team and placing a bet, all going on in live Betfair environment
#support for installing Alexa on multiple devices (mobile phone – reverb, and raspberry pi with bluetooth speaker)

Most popular prototype: Trinity Team- Project ROBin
(Florian Spanu, Anca Oprean, Bianca Gherghei, Tudor Bocea, Mihaela Marinca)
A ChatBot that will handle simple but real live chats

Congratulations to all competing teams!  Luckily, we’ve got a FedEx movie after to keep the spirits up until the next 24 h of Build for Fun.

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